Sunday School Classes

Sunday School is an integral part of discipleship and faith development. It is a dedicated time each week to participate in discussion, grow, learn, and ask questions about your faith and the Bible.

Vinton Baptist has a variety of Sunday School classes for adults, as well as age specific classes for children and youth. Our adult classes are grouped by age, gender, biblical study format, or topical interest. Our classes also enjoy fellowship and missions with one another outside of the classroom.

Sunday School is an incredible way to connect and fellowship with others who are on the same faith journey as you. Our groups and classes also offer opportunities to serve God through missions and discipleship. Please see Whitney Russell for any questions or to set up a class visit.
Adult men's class that includes Bible study, contributing to church ministries, helping the hungry, visiting the homebound, and enjoying each other's company outside of church.  This class uses "Explore the Bible" curriculum from Lifeway. (Room 131)

Older ladies' class which studies Smyth-Helwys Formations Bible study curriculum; Esther class also participates in monthly ministry projects and provide prayer support for members and others. (Room 111/112)

Senior adult ladies' class that studies through the Bible, book-by-book, using "Explore the Bible" curriculum. (Room 101)

A coed class that uses "Explore the Bible" quarterlies and other studies on Bible-related topics like prayer, angels, the disciples, women of the Bible, and prophecy. (Zoom classes are offered when needed.) The Dorcas folks are a very caring group who believe in prayer, helping others, and the marvelous miracles of God. They are active in the life of the church and offer fellowship opportunities. (Room 110)

Open Door:
Open to anyone, Open Door is a caring class that is always there when needed, with open minds and open hearts. (Room 116-117)

Pete Creasy:
Senior adult class that focuses on the understanding of God's word and how it can be applied to everyday life situations. "Be ye doers of the word, not hearers only." (gym)

The Disciples' class is comprised of adults of all ages and stages in life, both couples and singles, and offers Bible-based studies designed to increase knowledge of the Bible and its relevancy to life today.  Their mission is to love God and love people while studying the Bible together each week, and to seek to become more like Christ as His disciples. New disciples are always welcome! (Disciple Center)

An adult class of various ages, the Spirit class studies and applies the Bible for daily life. We sponsor the shoe box ministry of Samaritan's Purse, as well as support the programs and missions of VBC and our community. (Room 109)

A group of singles and couples with ages ranging from 30s to 60s, this class covers a variety of different Sunday School materials - from book studies to life discussions based on biblical teachings. Truthfinders has class socials and is involved in the community and church as needs arise. (Small Dining Room)

Special Friends:
The Special Friends class is a group of special needs adults who believe in Jesus and gather for fellowship as they study the Bible and worship God. (Room 108)

A discussion-based Bible study designed for adults of all ages, the Connect class studies a variety of issues and uses video studies and books to learn to apply biblical principles to daily life. (Room 113/114)

Young Adult Class (formerly College & Career):
A discussion-based Bible study uniquely designed for young adults and college students. (Room 123)

Youth Sunday School:
Youth Sunday School is a safe place where students can ask questions and grow more in their faith and knowledge of the Bible. Youth teachers and Sunday School curriculum seek to develop a blueprint for students' walks with Christ. Sunday School time allows for Bible and faith education for middle and high school students.  See the Youth page for more details.

Children's Sunday School:
Children's Sunday School includes classes from Nursery through 5th Grade and offers age-appropriate curriculum in each class.  See the Children's page for more info.