How it all started...

In the early 1890's, under the leadership of W.J. Goggin, the Vinton Baptist Church was organized with 18 members.  They called the Rev. W.W. Hamilton as their first pastor.
They met in vacant stores and lodge halls until a frame building was erected on the northwest corner of our present property on January 15, 1894.

Other early pastors were the Reverends J.A. Barnhardt,  E. E. Lamb,  T.R. Morris,  O.P. Lloyd,  J.A. McKaughan,  F.G. Wood,  J.W. Johnson, and  G.H. Payne.

Because the first sanctuary was too small, a temporary structure, seating 600, was built in 1918.

The Rev. H.B. Johnson came as pastor in 1922 and soon a new sanctuary was begun which served well until 1986 when it was removed for the erection of the present ministries building.

In 1931 Dr. Edward A. McDowell came as pastor, followed by Dr. Lucious Polhill, Rev. Josef Nordenhaug, Dr. Dotson M. Nelson, Dr. J. Roy Robertson, Rev. George Dewey Stevens and Rev. Lewis E. Bates, who was here for 23 years. During this time the present three story education building was completed and the church acquired all of the properties within the entire block.

On August 1, 1962, the church moved into the new air conditioned sanctuary with a seating capacity of 875, but on occasion seated over 1,000.

Also during this time our church supported the building of our sister church, Lynn Haven, and our new office-library complex was dedicated.

In 1977, Rev. Jim Brackett accepted the call to our church. During this time our sanctuary was paid in full. Later, Dr. William P. Warnock became our pastor and the new ministries building was completed.

Dr. William (Bill) Ross became our pastor in December of 1988. During 1998 all church properties, including the Respite Center building (now the Disciple Center - purchased in 1994) were all paid in full.

In January of 2003, Dr. William (Bill) R. Booth accepted the call to be our pastor.

In the summer of 2018, Rev. Travis Russell became our pastor.

From small beginnings of 18 members to almost 2,000 members, our church continues to work together in service to God and in love to one another.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:45  and 11:00 AM.